Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 yr old shot's

I really don't like shot's because you never really know what can know they give you a paper that tells you the mild to severe reactions your child can have. What fun! Marek has always had bad reactions to shots so I didn't know what I was in for. We did have a reaction to one of them, i think the DTP which is a yucky shot to begin with...he was so quiet all day and if you know Marek that is so not like him! Well that was gone by morning but his arm swelled to rock hard and it turned red...big and red!
I really don't like this reaction but I have no choice. At this point the redness has gone away, yet it's still hard as a rock and swollen...hopefully tomorrow it will have subsided :) Hopefully no more shot's for a few years...fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Squirrel !!!

So, I take Lauren to school and on my way home I see a squirrel in the road. I slow down and stop for a second, giving him plenty of time to run for his life to the grass. NO, does he run, NO! I start to drive and run over something realizing it not a rock...I felt so bad :( Especially because I saw him in my rear view mirror scurry to the sorry to the person who ends up with the dead squirl in their front yard :)

Mind you that Marek is in the back, did you flatten Marek but he'll be dead, it's ok, you're a good mom...I love you, next time stop...I, did he look like this(Marek tilts his head and sticks out his tongue)...I don't think so.

I feel so bad :( I don't think he'll be scared for life, thank god! Damn squirl, when someone gives you the chance to move and live another day...MOVE!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Week of Summer School for Lauren!

Day 1: Took her into the room...she did great! She was exhausted when I picked her up and refused to potty for teachers but it should all come together when she gets into a routine. I had a harder time with it than she did...I think I cried 4 times, nothing major but it is so hard to let go of everything when I have had total control for so long. I was better around 10 and after talking with a few friends and family.

Day 2: Took her to her room...not so good this time, she cried when she didn't get what she wanted and I heard her all the way down the hall...I felt so bad but I know I had to go and that she would adjust and be fine...and she was! One of her teachers said other than her objecting to what she could play with and what she couldn't play with, she was fine. Thank God!

Day 3: Took her to the outside doors where the teachers were waiting...she did great going in with the group! The head teacher pulled me aside and said she did great yesterday...the know I was worried obviously, thank you Mrs. Gorenson! The day has just begun but I feel ok about it and that she'll be fine. Once she gets into a routine she does great...which only takes a couple days :) I just hope next week holds the same.

I didn't have this hard of a time with Marek going to school, I was really excited for him because I know he wanted and was excited to be there. I hope Lauren feels the same way which in turn makes it better for me. I know she will have great teachers because I know most of the already. The next thought will be what to do with all my time in the fall...the gym, shopping and girl time?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marek's first Concussion! Hopefully his last!

We were out taking a walk with a friend/neighbor when it happened...Marek's first concussion! It's a pretty weird and scary thing. Marek was riding his scooter about 60 feet ahead of us...just over a tiny hill when he wiped out...the worst part is that I didn't see it but the guy who did said it was a good thing he was waring a helmet(THANK GOD)! My poor baby!

Off to the ER we go...the Dr. said he has a head injury/mild concussion and some really nice bruises(NOT) poor guy :( Tylenol is our friend! We'll see how he feels tomorrow. As my husband says, his first...hopefully his only! Thank goodness he wares his helmet everywhere...need to get another one tomorrow! Public service announcement...always ware your helmet!

Friday, June 10, 2011

One Thank You I Forgot!

To Sam, neighbor and friend! If it weren't for you telling me about EI and convincing me to seek help from this organization then we really wouldn't be where we are today. We have been blessed to have meet and worked with some wonderful people as you know:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last day of services for Lauren :(

Today was our last day of services for's nice to have a break but kinda of weird knowing these people will no longer be a huge part of our lives like they have been for so many months. I have had a weird week...we've had to say goodbye to a few people and I should be use to this being military and all but it doesn't make it any easier. Some are friends and some have become part of the family. What do you tell your daughter when she asks where someone is, yet she doesn't understand the concept of her services being over and that a whole new chapter is about to start.

To all these wonderful ladies that have had such an impact on our lives, we owe you our lives for the care you have given to my little girl. She has come a long way because you all loved her so much to make sure that she had nothing but the best help and education a person could give her. She has become our poster child for the progress she has made and will continue to make because of the skills you all have given her.

To Cheryl, you are our life's have given us the ability to thrive because of your help and love for Lauren. I don't know what I would have done without your help and organization, your guidance and shoulder have been amazing and other will find out for themselves. May you always have great health and lots of are a part of our family!

To Tracy, you have made me a better parent...I have learned so much from you, yet you aren't a parent yet but you treat Lauren as if you are and as if she was part of your family...Thank you! You are going to be a great parent, this I know because you have a wonderful and loving soul. Your ability to help children is amazing, as I know this first hand and I hope to keep some of the skills with me and continue to use them in everyday life for Lauren's sake. You are family also!

To Chelsea, so new and so good for Lauren! You have been fantastic! You are good at what you do and will only get better with time if you choose to navigate this path. You have been her teacher, her playmate and her friend who cares about who she will become. I hope Lauren turns out to be as sweet as you are :) You have become part of our family have gone through our ups and downs with us and you survived Scott's cooking/smoking you out of the house...good stuff!

To Debbie, thank you for guidance and a shoulder to cry on. You have taught me so much and I will be a better person for it. Your help has brought Lauren a long is so different from when she started and you are the reason! She has made huge strides since we started with you and I will do my best to continue on what you have started :) Thank you very much!

To Priscilla (AKA...Scilla) Thank you for all your pretend play, she loves it and has become very strong at it. You are a wonderful person. Thank you so much again!

To Monica, Di and Bricker, we loved our HIPPO sessions. What a huge impact they have had on us! I have a rider on my hands :) Thank you always!

To Mary, you are a very sweet person and thank you for teaching me PT techniques. They have been invaluable :)

To Alison, you have the best personality and are such a sweet person! I'm glad you got to be a part of our lives! Thank you for caring so much :)

It's amazing how people can affect one's have so many people in our lives who cared so much and loved us enough to help us succeed. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! We love you all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lauren love to ride horses!

About a month ago Lauren started HIPPO therapy, which is occupational therapy on horses...little did I know what a natural she would be. I had hoped since my dad owned horses before we were born that it ran in her blood and it turns out that it does :) She absolutely loves being on a pony, the smile from ear-to-ear is amazing! It really is awesome to see her so happy and so in her element when on the pony...this could turn out to be a very expensive investment in our future...lessons can get expensive :) It all worth it!!